Send Email Messages

You can send email messages to your students from WebAssign. You can also send email messages to instructors and TAs who have student access to your classes.

You can send an email message from the following pages listing your students and instructors with student access:
  • GradeBook
  • Roster
  • Reports
  • Scores

More options are available from the Roster page.

  1. Open the Roster page.

    From My Classes, click Roster under Class Tools.

  2. Select one or more students or instructors with student access, and then click Email Selected.

    Alternatively, on the Roster page you can:

    • Click the student's email address in the Email column.
    • Click Email Current Students (when current or all students are shown).
    • Click Email Dropped Students (when dropped or all students are shown).
    • Click Email Current Faculty with student access.

    The Email Students window opens.

  3. To add or remove recipients, click Contacts and select recipients.

    The Contacts window lists both students and instructors with student access to your class.

    • You can click a column header to sort contacts.
    • For privacy, the recipient list is not included in your message. This means that no recipient can see any other recipient of the message.
  4. In Subject, enter the subject of the message.
  5. In Message, enter your message.
  6. Optional: Select Send me a copy of this message.
  7. Optional: Select Send private WebAssign messages to students who do not have an email address on file.

    This option sends your message as a Private Message in WebAssign for students without an email address.

  8. Click Send.

Your message is sent.

Replies to your message will be sent to the email address associated with your WebAssign account.

Note For multisection courses, you can click Email Current Students in All Sections on the Roster page. This action uses your default email client to send a message instead of the Email Students window.

To send an email to all current students in all sections using the Email Students window:

  1. Click Current to view only current students.
  2. Click Select All.
  3. Click Email Selected.