Link to External Resource Materials in Your Coursework

You can add links in your questions, assignments, or announcements to resource materials hosted outside of WebAssign. For example, you might have materials hosted on your school's Web servers, or you might want to point your students to a YouTube video or materials that another colleague has shared with you. To add links to external resources, use the HTML <a> tag as described in this topic.

You can link to external resources in the following course materials:

You can add links in the Question, Answer, or Solution.
Note You can include links in Answer only for multiple-choice or multiple-select questions.
You can add links in the Instructions.
You can add links in the body of an announcement.
Tip You can also add links in the body of other communications in WebAssign such as Private Messages and Ask Your Teacher messages.
  1. Open the question, assignment, or announcement in which you want to add the link.
  2. Type the following code where you want to add the link:
    <a href="web_address" target="_blank">link_text</a>
    • web_address is the Web address (often called URL) of the resource material to which you want to link.
    • link_text is the text of the link that you want to show your students.
    Important When linking to content outside of WebAssign, make sure the web address of the content starts with https:// instead of http://. Otherwise, your students might see a browser warning or not be able to open the link.
    For example, you could link to one of the student help topics using the following code:
    <a href="" 
    target="_blank">How to answer multiple-choice questions</a>
    This link would behave like this: How to answer multiple-choice questions.