Edit Category Average Calculation

After setting up your GradeBook, you can change how each category average is calculated.

  1. From the GradeBook, click Settings.
  2. Click the Categories tab.
  3. At the top of the Categories page, select an assignment category.

    Assignments in that category are listed.

  4. Under When Calculating Category Averages, select how you want to average assignment scores for this category.
    Note When the final score is based on points, category averages are calculated as point totals regardless of what you select.
    The point value of each assignment is normalized so each assignment in the category has equal weight.
    By Point Values
    The unadjusted point value of each assignment is used as its weight.

    For example, the Homework category average is different depending on how assignments are weighted:





    Category Average
    Equally 6/10 35/50 80/100 6 10 + 35 50 + 80 100 รท 3 = 70%
    By Point Values 6/10 35/50 80/100 6 + 35 + 80 10 + 50 + 100 = 75.625%
  5. Click Save.

    If you don't want to update your GradeBook calculations now, first clear Update GradeBook.