Weight Individual Assignments in Your Gradebook

After you set up your GradeBook and schedule assignments, you can adjust how individual assignments are weighted in the category average calculations.

You can use weighting to change the value of individual assignments in the category average, for example, to make a particular quiz count more than others.

  1. From the GradeBook, click Settings.
  2. Click the Categories tab.
  3. At the top of the Categories page, select an assignment category.

    Assignments in that category are listed.

  4. Beside an assignment, change the OverWeighting Factor.

    This value is multiplied by the assignment score when calculating the category average. By default, all assignments have an overweighting factor of 1 and are weighted either equally or by the number of points on the assignment, depending on the setting under When Calculating Category Averages above.

    When you change the overweighting factor, you increase or decrease the weight of that assignment.

    For example, if the Homework category includes the following assignment scores and overweighting settings:

    Assignment Points Earned/Possible OverWeighting Factor
    Homework 1 6/10 0.5
    Homework 2 35/50 1
    Homework 3 80/100 2

    Each assignment score is multiplied by the overweighting factor when calculating the category average. The calculation is different depending on which setting you use:

    GradeBook Setting Calculation Category Average
    Make each assignment worth the same initial weight (normalize the scores) 6 10 × 0.5 + 35 50 + 80 100 × 2 ÷ 0.5 + 1 + 2 74.29%
    Make each assignment worth the number of points that were on it 6×0.5 + 35 + 80×2 10×0.5 + 50 + 100×2 77.65%
  5. To change the weighting of assignments in this category that you might schedule in the future, change the Default OverWeight Factor for new Category assignments.

    When new assignments in this category are scheduled to the class, this overweighting factor will automatically be applied to them.

  6. Click Save.

    If you don't want to update your GradeBook calculations now, first clear Update GradeBook.