Set Up Category Total Calculations

Specify for which assignment categories the GradeBook should calculate subtotals.

  1. In Category Averages to Calculate, select the categories for which you want GradeBook to calculate averages, then click Next.

    For each selected category, the GradeBook calculates each student's average and includes it as a part of the final grade.

    Important Even if your GradeBook is based on points, you must either calculate or manually enter category averages for each student in order for the category to be included in final grade calculations.
  2. For each assignment category, select By Point Values.

    When the final score is based on points, category averages are calculated as point totals regardless of what you select.

    For example:





    Category Average
    Equally 6/10 35/50 80/100 121/160
    By Point Values 6/10 35/50 80/100 121/160

    You can also adjust the relative weights of individual assignments in the GradeBook settings.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Optional: Select the number of low-scoring assignments to drop for each category.
    Assignments with the lowest scores will be dropped and not count toward the category average or final score.
    Note The lowest assignment scores are not dropped if that would result in dropping all scores in the assignment category.

    For example, if you choose to drop the two lowest homework scores, no homework scores will be dropped until at least three homework assignments are recorded in the GradeBook.

    You can also drop individual assignments in the GradeBook settings.

  5. Click Next.