Review and Finish

Review your GradeBook settings and apply them to the current section and optionally other sections you are teaching.

  1. Review the GradeBook Summary page.

    To change settings, you can either use your browser's Back button to edit them now, or you can change them later in your GradeBook settings.

  2. Select for what sections you want to use the GradeBook settings.

    The settings are always applied to the selected section. If you are teaching other class sections for the current term, you can select them as well.

    Note After they are copied, the GradeBook settings for each section are independent, so you can change one section without affecting the others.
    To do this Do this
    Apply settings only to this section Select Apply to only this section.
    Copy settings to other sections
    1. Select Apply to this section and others.
    2. If needed, click Show all current classes.
    3. Select the sections to which you want to copy the GradeBook settings.
  3. Click Save These Settings.
  4. Click Update GradeBook for this Section to recalculate and show the GradeBook.