Set Up Grading Scale

Specify what kind of grading scale to use and the minimum score for each grade.

Note Select None or click Next to skip this step if you don't want WebAssign to calculate a letter or pass/fail grade.
  1. Select a grading scale to use in your GradeBook.
    Option Description
    Plus / Minus Assigns letter grades with plus and minus. Available grades range from A+ to F.
    Letter Grade Only Assigns a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F.
    Pass / Fail Assigns a pass or fail grade.
    None No letter or pass/fail grade is assigned.
  2. Enter the minimum percent score (out of 100) your students need to earn to obtain each grade.
    • Do not use a % sign.
    • Set the minimum score to 0 for the lowest letter grade you want to assign.
    Letter Grade Minimum Score
    A 92
    B 84
    C 76
    D 0
    F not used
  3. Click Next.