Record Class Attendance with GradeBook

One way to improve student attendance is to record attendance in your GradeBook.

  1. Create an Attendance assignment category.
  2. Include the Attendance category in your GradeBook and set its weight.
  3. Record class attendance each day as an Attendance assignment score.
    • Name the assignment based on the day, for example: 1/31.
    • Set the category to Assignment.
    • Set the points to 1.
    • Set the due date based on the day and class time, for example: Jan 31 2017 10:30 AM.
    • Make the assignment available to your students so they can see their attendance and its impact on their grade.
    • When you call roll, enter 1 for each student who is present.

      You can either enter 0 for students who are absent or leave the box empty — an empty box is scored as 0.