Grade All Answers for an Assignment

You can grade your students' answers to short answer, essay, file-upload, and Show My Work questions using the Grade Answers link on the Scores page for an assignment.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. Click scores beside the assignment.

    The Scores page displays scores for the selected assignment for all students currently enrolled in the section.

    Note The page might load slowly if your class has many students or if the assignment has many questions.
  3. Click Grade Answers.
    1. For Questions, select Grade All.
    2. For Student Names, select either to Show or Hide student names when grading.
    3. Click Start Grading.

    A student's answers are displayed in the Grade Answers page, along with the answer keys.

    Only answers to questions that can be graded are displayed.

  4. Score your student's answers for each question.
    1. Evaluate the answer using the key or assigned rubric to determine the student's score.

      Only the student's latest answer is displayed to be scored. To view your student's previous answers for the assignment, click View Responses and view any previous answers to the question.

    2. Type the score in the Score box.
    3. Optional: Type information in the Comment box to help your student.
      You might indicate what parts of the question were not adequately addressed in the student's response, possibly with a scoring rubric, or you might provide an explanation to help your student better understand the material.
    4. Optional: Click Save This Score/Comment to save the score and comment for the current question only.

      Your score and comment replace any previous score or comment.

  5. When you are done grading the answers for the current student, click Save.

    All of your scores and comments for the current student are saved, and the next student's answers are displayed.

    Note If you are grading the last selected student, this button is labeled Save & Exit Grading and reopens the Scores page.
  6. Optional: Navigate to a different student's answers.
    • Click Previous.
    • Click Next.
    • Select a student from the Go to Student menu.
    Important These actions do not save your changes.

    Save your score and comment before navigating to a different student.

  7. Repeat as needed to grade all of your students' assignments.
  • You do not have to grade all answers at one time.

    You can click Save to save your scores and comments, and then grade the remaining answers at another time. You might want to make a note to yourself indicating which answers have been graded and which have not.

  • Multiple graders can review students' answers.

    If you want to average the scores of multiple graders, each grader should add a score to the Comment box (without removing comments or scores from previous graders). The last grader can then manually average the scores and type the resulting score in the Score box.

  • If you are grading answers after the end of the course:
    • The class will be listed under Past Classes.
    • The assignment will be listed under Past Assignments.
    • Your students will all be listed as Dropped.