Grant Extensions for Multiple Students or Assignments

You can grant extensions to many students or for many assignments at once.

For example, you might receive a list of students who should be granted more time because of illness, a school event, or an unexpected lab closure, or a single student might need extensions for multiple assignments.

Important Because % total and points penalties are deducted as soon as a manual or automatic extension is granted, first ask your student to accept or decline a manual extension that imposes these kinds of penalties.

Before you decide whether to grant an extension, you might review your student's work on the assignment or in your class generally.

  1. Click Grades > Reports and select your class if needed.
  2. On the left side of the Reports Home page, select one or more assignments for which you want to grant extensions.
  3. On the right side of the page, select one or more students for whom you want to grant extensions.
    • By default, only current and recent assignments are listed. Click Past, Future, or All to view other assignments.
    • To select all assignments in a category, select the category in the Select Category menu.
    • To select multiple students at once, you can select All, Current Students, or Current Faculty w/ student access in the Select Students menu.
  4. Click Extensions/Submissions.
  5. In the Extensions & Submissions page, set the extension terms for each of your listed students' assignments:
    The new due date and time for the assignment.
    The total number of allowed submissions for the assignment. See Additional Submissions.
    A positive number — or 0 for no penalty — and the penalty method you want to use with each extension.
    % unearned
    A percentage of the point value of the questions answered correctly after the extension is granted. No penalty is applied if no more questions are answered correctly.
    % total
    A percentage of the total possible points for the assignment.
    The specified number of points.

    See Extension Penalties.

  6. Click Save to grant the extensions.
Students are not automatically notified when you grant an extension this way. Always let extension recipients know:
  • The new due date and time
  • The new number of submissions allowed, if changed
  • The penalties applied, if any
Important Because granting an extension changes the student's due date, automatic point adjustments are based on each student's due date with any granted extensions. If needed, manually adjust the student's assignment score after the extension period ends.