Grant Extra Time for Timed Assignments

You can grant students extra time for a timed assignment after their allotted time has expired.

A common reason for this is if an outage, fire alarm, or other interruption happened while your students were working on the timed assignment.

Note You will usually not want to impose a penalty on your students when extra time is required because of an interruption during the assignment that is beyond your students' control, or to provide a testing accommodation.

You can't reset or pause the timer for a timed assignment; your student's time remaining for the assignment is always calculated from the time they first opened the assignment in WebAssign.

  1. Open the Schedule page and navigate to the assignment.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Tip Click a scheduled assignment in the Assignments list to view the week for which it is scheduled.
  2. Beside the assignment, click Actions button > Edit Restrictions.
  3. To give additional time to some of your students:
    1. Click Grant extra time for specific students.
    2. For each student who needs additional time, type the number of additional minutes to allow in Extra Time.
      Note If you previously granted extra time for the assignment, type a different number of minutes in Extra Time and click Save. To grant the same number of additional minutes that you previously granted, type 1 in Extra Time and click Save before granting the desired time.
    3. Optional: Type a positive or negative number in with adjustment to add or subtract points from the student's assignment score.
      Best Practice If a student requests additional time but does not offer a compelling reason, offer to grant the extra time with a penalty to the student's assignment score.
    4. Click Save, and then close the Grant extra time to selected students window.
You might also need to grant an extension to the assignment due date and time for the selected students.