Insert Quick Notes into Communications

You can use a Quick Note to insert text in your WebAssign communications — announcements, private messages, or responses to Ask Your Teacher messages or extension requests.

  1. When you are composing an announcement, a private message, or a reply to an Ask Your Teacher message or extension request, click Quick Notes.
    The Quick Notes Browser window opens.
  2. In the Quick Notes Browser window, click select.
    Quick Notes Browser
  3. In Type, select the type of communication that contains the Quick Note you want to use.
    Although you can use any of your Quick Notes in any communication type — for example, you can use an announcement-type Quick Note in a private message — the type that is selected by default when you open the Quick Notes Browser is the type of communication you are composing.
  4. In List, select the Quick Note you want to insert.
    The Quick Note text is displayed in the Entry section of the window.
  5. Click Insert to add the Quick Note text to the communication that you are composing.