Add WebAssign Assignments to Canvas

To add your WebAssign assignments to Canvas™, download a package with the assignments for this section and then import it into your Canvas course.

The following instructions and data are valid only for the current WebAssign course section.

  1. Download information about your scheduled WebAssign assignments.
    WebAssign assignment data for this section
    not available

    Rename the file if needed.

  2. In Canvas, navigate to your course and click Settings.
  3. Click Import Content into this Course.
    1. For Content Type, select Canvas Course Export Package.
    2. For Source, select the downloaded file.
    3. For Content, select Select specific content.
    4. Click Import.

    The import job progress is displayed under Current Jobs.

  4. When the job displays Waiting for select, click Select Content.
    1. Select the assignments you want to import.
    2. Select LTI External Tools > WebAssign.
    3. Click Select Content.

    The assignments are imported and the WebAssign external tool is created.

    The Import Content might list 1 issue for the import job:
    The security parameters for the external tool "WebAssign" need to be set in Course Settings.
    This is normal and a reminder to enter the key and secret as described in the following step.
  5. Enter the key and secret for your school's integration.

    The key and secret must be entered both when setting up the integration for the first time and every time you sync assignments to Canvas, even if Shared Secret displays Unchanged.

    1. Click Settings, then View App Configurations.
    2. Beside the WebAssign app, click Settings > Edit. Not shown?
    3. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret configured for your school.
      Field Value
      Consumer Key Key for WebAssign-Canvas integrations at your school
      Shared Secret Secret for WebAssign-Canvas integrations at your school
    4. Click Submit.
    Important Don't publish the WebAssign tool. Your students must instead click the assignment links to access the corresponding WebAssign assignments.
  6. Optional: To verify that your assignments were synced to Canvas, click Assignments.
A student using one of the assignment links from Canvas is signed in to WebAssign and directed to the correct assignment.
Note The student must open each assignment from Canvas.

As an instructor, when you click one of these links, you are signed in to WebAssign but not directed to the assignment.

By default, your synced assignments are listed under Imported Assignments. They are also published, making them available to your students immediately.

If needed, you can unpublish synced assignments, move them to a different group, or add them to a module as you would do with any other assignment in Canvas.