Roster Classes at NCSU

Instructors at North Carolina State University do not need to upload rosters or enable self-enrollment when creating courses. Instead, student rosters are automatically updated daily from registrar records. For this update to work, your course and section numbers in WebAssign must match the registrar information exactly.

Special Considerations

  • Make sure that the course number is specified exactly, including spaces and punctuation. Generally, NCSU course numbers are specified with a space between the department code and the course number, for example, MA 141.
  • Include any leading zeros in the course or section number, for example, section 002.
  • For honors sections, include the H with the section number rather than the course number, for example, MA 241 section 040H.

    These sections are sometimes listed incorrectly with H appended to the course number. However, the registrar information appends H to the section number.

  1. Open the Class Settings page.

    From My Classes, click Edit Class Settings.

  2. Correct the course number.
    1. Click edit course info.
    2. Update the Course Name with the correct course number.
    3. Click Save.
  3. Add or correct the section number.
    1. Under Section Information, edit or add the Section number.
    2. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
If your course and section numbers are specified correctly, your class roster should be updated the next business day.
Note Course roster information is generally not available from the registrar to be updated until the week before the start of classes.