Override Submissions for Specific Questions

You can override the number of submissions allowed for any question, question part, or question pool on your assignment. Typically, you would override submissions for questions that differ from the majority of assignment questions in some respect, for example, to limit submissions for true/false questions to 1. The number of submissions can be between 1 and 100.

Note  You cannot override submissions for individual questions when assignment submission is required, or for individual questions in a question pool.
  1. If needed, click Show Per-Question Settings and select Submissions Allowed to show the Submissions Allowed column in the questions list.
  2. To change submissions for a specific question part, expand the question.
  3. In the Submissions Allowed column for the question, question part, or question pool, select the number of submissions to allow.
    Note If you have enabled randomization for the assignment, make sure the number of submissions you allow is at least one greater than the number of randomizations allowed.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.