Enter Assignment Scores in GradeBook

You can add scores to your GradeBook for assignments your students completed outside of WebAssign.

  1. Click Grades > Add Scores to GradeBook.
  2. Select I want to add a single assignment using the assignment editor.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter information about the assignment.
    Item Description
    Assignment Name How the assignment will be listed.
    Category Assignment category for GradeBook calculations.
    Description Optional description.
    Points How many points the assignment is worth.
    Due Assignment due date.
    Available to Students Whether the assignment scores are shown to students.
  5. For Upload Method, select Enter scores for each student by hand.
  6. Click Add Scores.
  7. In the Add Scores table, enter a score for each student.

    Scores must be numeric and specified as points out of the total point value.

    Letter grades and missing scores are displayed as NA in WebAssign and are counted as 0 points.

    For example:

    Fullname Score
    Allen, Mary 98
    Garcia, Patricia 63
    Nguyen, Betty 87
    Rodriguez, John 84
    White, Daniel 78
  8. Click Review.

    The assignments and scores you provided are listed.

    Values that can't be used, like invalid dates, are indicated so you can correct them.

  9. Click Save.

If you try to add an assignment with the same name as another assignment already scheduled or entered for the section, you are prompted to rename the new assignment or update the existing assignment information and scores. You can also create the new assignment with the same name as the existing assignment if needed.