Add Course Pack Assignments

Before you can schedule Course Pack assignments to your class, add them to your Assignments list.

Course Pack assignments are available only for select textbooks. You can preview and add Course Pack assignments only if the textbook selected for your class includes a Course Pack.

  1. Open the Schedule page.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Note The Schedule page opens after you create a course.
  2. At the top of the Assignments list, click Actions button > Course Packs.
    Note This option is available only when your textbook includes a Course Pack.

    The Course Pack page is displayed with information about the first available Course Pack for the course.

    Click an assignment name to preview it.

  3. If needed, navigate to a different Course Pack.
    • If your class uses more than one textbook with an available Course Pack, select a textbook on the left above the Course Pack information.
    • If more than one Course Pack is available for the selected textbook, the number of available Course Packs is displayed on the right side of the page. Click a number to preview that Course Pack.
    Tip Most textbooks with Course Packs have more than one Course Pack. Often, different Course Packs cover different sections of the book.
  4. Click Add Course Pack to My Assignments.

    A new copy of each assignment in the Course Pack is created and added to your Assignments list. This process might take a minute or so.

  5. After the Course Pack has been added, click either Add Another Course Pack or Go to Class Schedule.

Each added Course Pack is listed in your Assignments list.

Unscheduled Course Pack assignments are grouped under the Course Pack name.

  • If you add Course Pack assignments from the same course pack more than once, you will have multiple copies of the Course Pack assignments.
  • Because you own the new copies of the Course Pack assignments, you can edit or remove them if needed.

Schedule Course Pack assignments to your course based on your class schedule or the day of the week exactly as you would schedule any other assignment you own.