Add Course Pack Assignments

Select individual assignments from your Course Pack to assign in your course. By default, Course Pack assignments are scheduled to be available on the first day of class and due on the last day of class.

Course Pack assignments are not available for all textbooks.

  1. Open the Schedule page.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

  2. At the top of the Assignments list, click Add from Course Pack.
    The Course Pack page is displayed with information about available Course Pack assignments.
  3. If your course has multiple Course Packs, select a Course Pack on the left to view its assignments.
    Tip Most textbooks with Course Packs have more than one Course Pack. Often, different Course Packs cover different sections of the book.
  4. Click an assignment name to preview it.
  5. Select the assignments you want to add to your course.

    To add all assignments in the Course Pack, select Select All.

  6. Click Add Course Pack Assignments.

    A new copy of each assignment in the Course Pack is created and scheduled for your course.

  7. After the Course Pack has been scheduled, click either View Course or Select Another Course Pack.
  • If you add assignments from the same Course Pack more than once, you will have multiple copies of the assignments.
  • Because you own the new copies of the Course Pack assignments, you can edit or remove them if needed.
  • To change the available and due dates for your Course Pack assignments, reschedule your assignments.