Copy a Course

You can copy sections from one course into a new or existing course. This allows you to quickly create a new course based on one that you taught previously or a course that has been shared with you.

If you manage your K-12 course through NGLSync, see Copy Course in NGLSync.

  1. Copy a section from the course you want to copy into a new course.
  2. If needed, you can also copy other sections into the course you created.

    For example, the course you are copying might have template sections for different class meeting patterns, such as a MWF template and a TuTh template.

  3. Review and adjust the assignment schedules for the sections you copied.

    Usually, some changes are needed after copying. For example, the new section might have a different vacation schedule, or the term might be longer or shorter than the term of the section that was copied.

  4. Add or copy sections in your new course.

    Often, it is faster to copy one or two template sections into your new course, make schedule changes to those template sections, and then copy the template sections to create additional sections.