Designate Key Concepts in a Personal Study Plan

You can optionally flag specific sections as key concepts to let your students know that these sections are especially important. Your students will see a flag icon Key concept beside the sections you have flagged when they take the Personal Study PlanĀ®.

Flagging key concepts is strictly a communications tool and has no other impact on the behavior or scoring of the Personal Study Plan.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. Click the Personal Study Plan tab.
  3. Click Settings.
    The Personal Study Plan settings window is displayed.
  4. Select the Flag Key Concepts check box.
  5. Expand a chapter with sections that you want to flag by clicking Expand.
  6. Click the flag icon Not a key concept for a section to change its status.
    Flag Color Status
    Not a key concept The section is not a key concept.
    Key concept The section is a key concept.
  7. Click Save.