Remove Adjustments to Scores

You can specify which type of score to use in the Adjust Score box. For example, you might decide to remove score adjustments and revert to the raw score if you gave a student a bonus in error.

The raw and adjusted scores are displayed in the Adjust Score box.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Tasks > My Classes Page and find the section you want.

  2. Click scores beside the assignment.

    The Scores page displays scores for the selected assignment for all students currently enrolled in the section.

    Note The page might load slowly if your class has many students or if the assignment has many questions.
  3. Click the assignment score.

    The Adjust Score window is displayed.

  4. Select Use Raw Score. (To revert back to the adjusted score select Use Adjusted Score.)
    Note The Use Adjusted Score option is displayed only after you change the student's raw score by adding a penalty or a bonus.