Remove Assignment Categories

You cannot delete categories; if you want to remove a category from use, you need to ensure that you update your assignments, assignment templates, and GradeBook settings accordingly. 

Important Because of the potential for impacts to your students' grades from changing extension and GradeBook settings, you should stop using a category only in between class terms.
  1. Because every assignment needs to have a category, decide what category or categories you want to use instead of the category you are deprecating.
  2. Rename the category to something that will let you know you are not using it any more.
    For example, you might prepend "Do not use: " or "Old:" to the category name.
  3. Change any of your assignment templates that use the old category to use the replacement category you want to use.
    If you are replacing the old category with multiple categories, you will want to create a template that corresponds to each new category.
  4. Change or duplicate your assignments that use the old category to use the new category or categories.
    • If all of your assignments use assignment templates, you will already have done this when you changed the templates.
    • If your assignments do not use assignment templates, consider creating one or more assignment templates and applying them to your old assignments. This is not only the fastest way to change the category for multiple assignments at once, but it ensures consistent settings for all assignments of a given type.
  5. Change your GradeBook settings to no longer use the old category, and to include and weight your new category or categories correctly.