Remove Automatic Point Adjustment

You can remove automatic conditional point adjustments from question or assignment settings.

  1. Open the Conditional Points window. 
    From hereDo this

    From assignment settings (Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager)

    Under Automatic Point Adjustments > Bonus or Penalty, click add or edit.

    From a single question (Assignment Editor)

    In the Bonus or Penalty column, click add or edit.

  2. Perform either of the following to remove the conditional point adjustment settings:
    • In Standard Mode, select None under Select a Condition.
    • In Advanced Mode, clear the Formula and Explanation for Students boxes.
      Note Advanced Mode settings can't be changed in the Assignment Template Editor.
  3. Update the assignment or assignment template. 
    To update thisDo this

    A single question

    Click Update Question.

    All questions currently on the assignment

    Click Update All Questions.

    Assignment settings

    In the Assignment Editor or Assignment Templates Manager, click Update.

    The Conditional Points window closes and your assignment or assignment template is updated. Remember to save your changes in the Assignment Editor or Assignment Templates Manager.