Waive or Remove the Conditional Release Restriction

To ensure that your students have an opportunity to complete a conditional release restricted assignment, you can drop the conditional release restriction for specific students or for your entire class.

You determine how to work with students who are unable to achieve the threshold score on the prerequisite assignment. You can:
Option Description
Waive the restriction for specific students. Either the students must contact you to request a waiver, or you must review your students' scores on the prerequisite assignment to determine who needs the restriction to be waived.
Tip This is a good way to identify students who are struggling. Then you can, as needed:
  • provide the student with additional instruction
  • grant an extension or additional submissions on the prerequisite assignment
  • manually waive the restriction
Specify a date after which the conditional release restriction is automatically waived for all students.

This ensures that every student has an opportunity to complete the assignment without your intervention. Allow enough time after the waiver release date for struggling students to complete the conditional release restricted assignment before it is due.

Do neither. The conditional release restricted assignment will be available only to students achieving the threshold score on the prerequisite assignment.
Note Use this strategy only to challenge or reward your top students with bonus assignments.
  1. Open the Schedule page and navigate to the assignment.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

    Tip Click a scheduled assignment in the Assignments list to view the week for which it is scheduled.
  2. Beside the assignment, click Actions button > Edit Restrictions.
  3. Waive or remove the conditional release restriction.
    To do thisDo this
    Waive the restriction for specific students now
    1. Click Waive restriction for specific students.

      A table lists each student's raw score and percentage on the prerequisite assignment.

    2. Select the check box for each student for whom you want to waive the conditional release restriction.
    Waive the restriction for all students at a scheduled date and time
    1. Select Automatically waive restriction for all students after.
    2. Set the date and time after which the restriction is automatically waived.
      Tip Set the current date and time to waive the restriction immediately.
    Remove the restriction from the assignment Clear the Conditional Release check box.
  4. Click Save.