Rename Assignment Categories

You can rename your own categories at any time. Renaming a category does not change its use in your assignments, assignment templates, GradeBook, or extension settings in any way. Only the name changes. You cannot rename the default categories.

  1. From the menu, click Assignments > My Categories.
    Tip You can also create or manage your categories from the Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager, or GradeBook.

    Your assignment categories are listed in the Assignment Categories window.

  2. Click the category name that you want to change.
  3. Type the new category name and click Save.

    The name of your category cannot be the same as any of the default WebAssign categories or other categories you created.

  4. Close the Assignment Categories window.

    If you have the Assignment Editor, Assignment Templates Manager, GradeBook Settings, or Extension Settings open, save your work and reopen the assignment, template, or settings to see the new category name.

    Tip If needed, update the name or description of your assignment templates to reflect the new category name. This helps avoid confusion later on.