Request an Instructor Account

Before you can use WebAssign as an instructor for the first time, you must request a free instructor account.

If your institution uses NGLSync to manage WebAssign courses, see Create an NGLSync Account.

WebAssign instructor accounts are:
  • free
  • available only to bona fide instructors at recognized educational institutions
  • valid for as long as you are an instructor

You do not need to request a new instructor account for each term or course that you teach.

Note You can look up your existing username or reset your password at https://webassign.net/login.html.
  1. Go to webassign.net/signup.html.
  2. Complete the requested information for your user account.

    Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  3. If you are using Blackboard®, provide your Blackboard username in the comment box.
  4. Read the Terms of Use and select I agree.
  5. Click Submit.

Customer Support will verify your instructor status, create your account, and email your account information within two business days.