Rescore Assignments That Have a Changed Question

If you need to change a question that you have already scheduled in an assignment — for example, to correct your answer or allow alternative correct responses — rescore assignments containing the question after you save it. For LMS-integrated courses, a rescore also syncs scores to your LMS. Rescoring is faster than a manual sync because it syncs only the rescored assignments.

  1. Click Questions > My Questions to list your questions, and click edit to open your changed question in the Question Editor.
  2. In the Question Editor, click This question has been scheduled to view a list of your scheduled assignments that use the question.
    Tip This question has been scheduled is displayed only after you save the changed question, open another page, and then reopen the question in the Question Editor.
    Scheduled assignments window

    Click Expand All or click right pointing triangle icon to expand entries in the list.

  3. For each assignment you need to rescore, click rescore and complete the following steps.
  4. Under Question, select the check boxes for the questions you need to rescore.
  5. Under Rescore Type, select the scoring method you want to use:
    • Last Submission rescores using the final submission for each question
    • Best Submission rescores using the best submission for each question part
    Note Not all Rescore options are always displayed. If you have Scoring Answers setting for the assignment set to Last Submission, you can rescore using Last Submission or Best Submission. All other types of scoring only allow you to rescore using the assignment's current Scoring Answers setting.
  6. Under Students, select Current to rescore only for students who have not dropped the class, Dropped to rescore only for students who have dropped the class, or All to rescore for all students. If you want to rescore faculty assignments, select Include Faculty.
  7. Under Rescore Other Sections, select either the current section, All Sections, or Select Sections. If you select Select Sections, select the check boxes for the sections you need to rescore.
  8. Click Rescore. The rescoring progress is displayed.
  9. Click Finished.