Rescore Assignments for Courses

If a problem with assignment scoring affects many students in one or more sections of your class, rescore the assignment for the entire class. For LMS-integrated courses, a rescore also syncs scores to your LMS. Rescoring is faster than a manual sync because it syncs only the rescored assignments.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. In your ClassView page, click scores for the assignment you need to rescore.
  3. In the Scores page, click Rescore.
  4. Under Question, select the check boxes for the questions you need to rescore.
  5. Under Rescore Type, select the scoring method you want to use:
    • Last Submission rescores using the final submission for each question
    • Best Submission rescores using the best submission for each question part
    Note Not all Rescore options are always displayed. If you have Scoring Answers setting for the assignment set to Last Submission, you can rescore using Last Submission or Best Submission. All other types of scoring only allow you to rescore using the assignment's current Scoring Answers setting.
  6. Under Students, select Current to rescore only for students who have not dropped the class, Dropped to rescore only for students who have dropped the class, or All to rescore for all students.
  7. If you want to rescore faculty assignments, select Include Faculty.
  8. Under Rescore Other Sections, select either the current section, All Sections, or Select Sections.
    If you select Select Sections, select the check boxes for the sections you need to rescore.
  9. Click Rescore. The rescoring progress is displayed.
  10. Click Finished.