Review Changes in Updated Questions

When editing an assignment with available question updates, you can review the differences between the original and updated questions before you update your assignment.

  1. Open the assignment in the Assignment Editor.
    Tip If you have already updated an assignment that was scheduled for a past class, you can still review the question changes. In your My Classes page, locate your original assignment listed under the past class for which it was scheduled, and then click edit.

    The Assignment Editor displays the Question Updates notice above the list of questions.

  2. In the Assignment Editor, click Expand All.
    Assignment Editor page

    Questions with available updates are each followed by a comment identifying the question ID of the updated question.

  3. To compare the previous and updated versions of a question, click see what changed icon See what changed.
    Compare new and old versions of the question
  4. When you are done, click Close Window.