Schedule an Assignment Based on the Day of the Week

You can schedule assignments to be due at a specific date and time by selecting the day of the week in which the assignment will be due.

If you know the date and time when the assignment will be due, this method is slightly faster to use.

Assignments scheduled in this way are scheduled to the same day of the same week of class when copied to other sections or courses, regardless of the meet times of the sections to which they are copied.

For example, if the assignment was due at 3:00 PM on Friday of week 3 in the fall term, it will be due at 3:00 PM on Friday of week 3 in the spring term if copied to that term.

Alternatively, you can Schedule an Assignment Based on Class Schedule.

  1. Open the Schedule page.

    From My Classes, click Class Schedule under Class Tools.

  2. Find the assignment you want to schedule in the Assignments list.
    • If needed, click the Unscheduled down chevron icon heading to show assignments that are not scheduled for this section.
    • To filter your unscheduled assignments, select Past Year, All My Assignments, or Course Pack Assignments.

    Only assignments that you own or are scheduled to the current section are listed.

  3. Drag an unscheduled assignment from the Assignments list to the Schedule panel.

    Drag the assignment to the week in which it will be due.

    • If needed, drag the assignment to a different week number at the top of the Schedule panel.
    • Unscheduled Course Pack assignments are grouped under the Course Pack name.

      Expand the Course Pack to see the individual assignments.

    • Multiple unscheduled assignments with the same name are grouped together.

      Expand the group to see the individual assignments, or drag the group to schedule the most recently saved assignment in the group.

    • Dragging to the Scheduled section of the Assignments list will not work.
  4. Set the Due date and time for the assignment.
    Note If you have scheduled assignments during your current WebAssign session, the default values for Due, Available, and View Until are set based on the rules specified for the last scheduled assignment.
    1. Select On a specific day of the week.
    2. Select a day of the week when the assignment will be due.
    3. Enter the time when the assignment will be due.

    The calculated due date and time is displayed at the top of the panel.

    Note You cannot schedule an assignment to be due in the past.
  5. Optional: Change the Available or View Until rules.

    By default, the assignment is available at the start of the course and students can view their work until the end of the course.

  6. Click Schedule.

    The assignment is listed under the selected week and the calculated assignment dates are displayed.

If needed, add restrictions to the assignment.

Note You cannot schedule a single assignment more than once in a section.

However, some users have multiple copies of assignments. This often happens for course coordinators who choose to create new copies of assignments for each section. WebAssign displays a warning if you try to schedule more than one assignment with the same name to the same section. If this warning is displayed, you can either cancel or schedule the assignment anyway.