Schedule Assignments for Multisection Courses

Generally, when you schedule assignments for multisection courses, you first schedule the assignments you want to a single section and then add new sections to your course. Each new section copies the original section.

  1. Schedule assignments to one section of the course.

    Usually, you will want to schedule assignments based on the class schedule. This makes it easier to copy your assignment schedule to different sections with different class schedules.

    Best Practice You might want to give this section a distinctive name (like template) that will clearly indicate to you which section should be used as the basis for creating other sections.
  2. Add new sections to the course.

    Each new section copies the assignment schedule from the section you are working in when you add sections.

  3. If needed, change the assignment dates for the sections you copied the assignment schedule to.

    You might need to make schedule adjustments for different patterns of class meetings, for example, after copying a section that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to a section that meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

  4. If needed, you can copy the assignment schedule from one section into another section.

    Assignments that were previously scheduled to the section you are copying to will be updated. Assignments that were not previously scheduled to the section will be added.

    Tip After making a schedule adjustment to one section, you can copy that section to other sections that need the same change applied.
  5. If needed, you can copy a single scheduled assignment to other sections of the course.

    This leaves the schedule for all other assignments unchanged.

  6. If needed, you can unschedule an assignment from all sections of the course.

    You might need to do this if an error is discovered in an assignment.