Send Private Messages

You can send private messages to your students and to instructors who are on the roster for a particular class.

Private messages do not use email, so all you need is a valid WebAssign account and Internet access to send or read private messages.

Typically, you send these messages from your Communication page.

  1. From the toolbar, click communication icon Communication.

    If needed, select a class.

  2. Under Private Messages, click New Message.
    Communication Home page
  3. To add or remove recipients, click Contacts.

    The Contacts window lists both students and instructors with student access to your class.

    1. Select a class and section, if needed.
    2. Select the recipients for your message.
      • You can click a column header to sort contacts.
      • For privacy, the recipient list is not included in your message. This means that no recipient can see any other recipient of the message.
    3. Click Update.

    The message recipient list is updated.

  4. In Subject, enter the subject of the message.
  5. In Message, enter your message.

    You can use Quick Notes in your message.

  6. Click Send.
New messages are displayed in the recipient's WebAssign Private Messages.