Set Per-Category Extension Policies

When you enable automatic or manual extension requests for your class, you can also set different policies for specific assignment categories. For example, you might allow automatic extensions for homework, manual extensions for lab assignments, and no extensions for quizzes and tests.

Tip To allow extensions only for one or a few assignment categories, you might set the Class Default extension policy to No Extensions and then set different extension policies for specific categories.
  1. On the Extension Settings page, select the Extension Policy to use for the category.
    Policy Description
    Use Class Default Use the Class Default policy for the category.
    Automatic Extensions
    Your students can request extensions that are granted automatically using your policy for the extension duration, how many extensions are allowed for each assignment, any penalty incurred, and when extensions can be requested.

    You can see when your students have used automatic extensions.

    Manual Extensions
    Your students can request extensions from their assignments in WebAssign, but you must approve each request and set the terms of each extension — its duration, whether to award additional submissions, and any penalties incurred.
    Automatic and Manual Extensions Your students can choose whether to request an automatic or manual extension.
    No Extensions Your students can't submit extension requests in WebAssign.
    Note Regardless of the extension policy you set, you can always grant individual extensions as needed.
  2. If needed, set the automatic extension behaviors.
    Setting Description
    Length of Extension The amount of time students have to complete the assignment after the extension request is made and before the extension window closes.
    Extension window closes The total amount of time after the due date that students have to request an extension and complete the assignment. Students will lose access to the assignment at the end of the extension window regardless of the length of extension.
    Requests per assignment The number of automatic extensions each student is allowed per assignment.
    Penalty for using extension A positive number — or 0 for no penalty — and the penalty method you want to use with each extension.
    % unearned
    A percentage of the point value of the questions answered correctly after the extension is granted. No penalty is applied if no more questions are answered correctly.
    % total
    A percentage of the total possible points for the assignment.
    The specified number of points.

    See Extension Penalties.


    A message to be displayed to students when they request the extension.

    WebAssign always displays the extension terms to students requesting an automatic extension.

    Scheduled Items

    Select Apply Automatic Extension Policy to assignments that have already been scheduled. If this is not selected, the automatic extension policy is applied only to assignments that you schedule after setting the policy.

    Your student's new due date and time for the assignment is specified by either Length of Extension or Extension window closes, whichever comes first.

  3. If needed, change the extension policy for other assignment categories.
  4. Click Apply.