Set Points for Individual Question Parts

You can change the point value of any question or question part on your assignment.

Note You cannot set points differently for individual question parts in a question pool.

You might want to make some question parts on your assignments worth more points than others. Some reasons why you might do this include:

  • Assigning point values that reflect the difficulty of the question part.
  • Assigning point values that reflect the amount of work expected to answer the question part.
  • Assigning point values of 0 along with conditional points settings to configure bonus or extra credit question parts.
Best Practice Do not change assignments that your students are already working on. You are likely to cost your students points, submissions, or both. Instead, consider creating a copy of the scheduled assignment and making your changes to the copy.

If you must change a scheduled assignment, notify your students of the change and rescore the assignment. See Rescore Assignments.

  1. If needed, click plus icon to expand a question to see the points for each question part.
    Expanded question showing question part settings

    Each question part is labeled, and corresponding labeled boxes are shown in the Points column above the previewed question.

  2. Type a new value in the Points column for the question part. The question and assignment point totals are updated automatically.