Set Question Name Display for Assignments

You can show or hide question names in your assignments. The question names used for textbook questions provide little information and never anything about the answer. If you have created your own questions, you might want to change this to display the question names for all questions. Or, you might want to hide question names for all questions.

You can change these settings for your classes or for your assignments. Your assignment settings override your class settings.

  1. Edit the assignment or assignment template settings.
    To do this Do this
    Change the assignment template In the Assignment Templates Manager, click Edit for the template.
    Change the current assignment only

    In the Assignment Editor, click Edit Settings.

    If the assignment used a template, the settings from the selected template become editable in the Assignment Editor and the template is no longer used.

  2. If needed, expand the Display & Syntax Errors settings.
  3. Select Override class settings.
  4. For Question Names, select the option you want to use:
    • For all questions
    • For textbook questions only (default)
    • Never
  5. Click Save.