Set Significant Figure Checking for a Section

Some numerical questions require your students to specify the correct number of significant figures in their response in order to receive credit. You can configure whether your assignments check significant figures for these questions or treat them like ordinary numerical questions; what tolerance to use when significant figures are checked; whether to award partial credit for numerically correct responses that do not use the correct number of significant figures; and what kind of help to provide students about specifying significant figures in their responses.

  1. Open the Class Settings page.

    From My Classes, click Edit Class Settings.

  2. In the Class Settings page, click Advanced Options.
  3. Select or clear Mark answer wrong for significant figure errors.
    When Mark answer wrong for significant figure errors is cleared, no other significant figures options are available.
  4. Select or clear Show SigFigs icon.
  5. Select or clear Icon link to SigFigs help page.
  6. For Tolerance under SigFigs Options, type an integer between 0 and 9 by which the student's response can differ from the answer key at the last significant digit and still be considered correct. The default value is 1.
  7. For Partial Credit under SigFigs Options, type a number between 0 and 100 to specify the percentage of the question's point value to award for numerically correct responses that are specified with too many significant figures.

    No credit is awarded for responses that specify too few significant figures.

  8. Click Save.