Set Submissions for Assignments

You can change the number of submissions your students can make, whether they need to submit the entire assignment, entire questions, or only changed question parts.

Submissions options are managed by editing the assignment or assignment template settings.

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You can change the number of submissions for the assignment or assignment template, or for individual questions. The number of submissions can be between 1 and 100, and should reflect factors like your assignment goals, question difficulty, or question type. For example, you would probably want to give more submissions for a tutorial or practice assignment than for a quiz. Most instructors set the number of submissions for an assignment somewhere between three and five.

Important The number of submissions for multiple-choice and true/false questions should never exceed the number of distractors. For example, a true/false question should have only 1 submission allowed, and a multiple-choice question with 5 options should have no more than 4 submissions.

To change submissions for specific questions, see Override Submissions for Specific Questions.

You can allow your students to submit new or changed question parts, entire questions, or the entire assignment.

  • Question Parts lets your students focus on individual parts of a question. Each question displays a submission button, but each question part is submitted only if it has been changed from the student's previous submission. This lets your students enter or change a response for one part and submit it without losing submissions for the other question parts.
  • Questions requires your students to focus on each question as a whole. Each question displays a submission button, and the entire question — including any parts that have not been completed or changed — is submitted.
  • Assignment treats the entire assignment as a whole. The assignment displays a submission button, and the entire assignment — including any parts that have not been completed or changed — is submitted.
  • You can only use Require new randomizations with Question or Assignment submissions.
  • With Question and Assignment submission, syntax errors are always counted as incorrect submissions. See Count Responses With Syntax Errors As Submissions for Assignments.
  • You can use Question Parts submission and set it to show the solution after a certain number of submissions. But if the student answers a question part correctly using fewer than the maximum number of submissions allowed, the solution is not displayed. If you are using Question Parts submission, set the Learning Tools to display the solution after one submission.
  1. Edit the assignment or assignment template settings.
    To do this Do this
    Change the assignment template In the Assignment Templates Manager, click Edit for the template.
    Change the current assignment only

    In the Assignment Editor, click Edit Settings.

    If the assignment used a template, the settings from the selected template become editable in the Assignment Editor and the template is no longer used.

  2. If needed, expand the Submissions and Work settings.
  3. For Submissions Allowed, either select one of the listed numbers or select Other and type an integer between 1 and 100.
    Typically, instructors select between three and five submissions.
  4. For Submitting Answers, select Question Parts, Questions, or Assignment.
  5. Click Save.