Calculate Final Grades Based on Category Averages

Final scores are calculated based on weights you assign to each category of assignment — for example, Exam=50%, Homework=20%, Quizzes=30%.

You must use this method to include a Personal Study Plan® in your GradeBook. You can choose whether or not to show the calculated grades to your students.

  1. From the menu, click Grades > GradeBook.

    If needed, select a class section.

  2. Click Wizard.
  3. Select Use WebAssign's GradeBook — Specify my GradeBook settings now and click Next.
  4. For Assignments to Use in Calculations, select which assignments GradeBook uses to calculate averages.
    • Past Due Assignments Only: Students can't see how progress on assignments that are not yet due impacts their grade.
    • All Assignments: Assignments are included as soon as they are available to students. Students might see unexpected low grades because of assignments they have not started.
  5. Select whether to update GradeBook calculations automatically.

    To enable automatic GradeBook updates, set Use GradeBook Automatic Updates to Yes and specify a time and days for updates.

    The GradeBook will be recalculated on the scheduled days shortly after the specified time on the selected days.

  6. For Categories to Include in GradeBook, select the assignment categories to use in your GradeBook.

    Categories set to No are excluded from GradeBook calculations.

  7. For Final Grade Calculation Method, select I want WebAssign to calculate a final grade based on the category averages.
  8. Click Next.
  9. For Weighting Method, select Let me specify the weighting of each category below.
  10. For Weight of Each Category Toward Final Grade, enter the relative weight of each category as a non-negative number.

    In the following example, labs are not counted toward the final grade because no weight is specified.

    Exam 50
    Homework 20
    Quiz 30
    Total 100

    Typically, category weights will add up to 100, but this is not required.

  11. Click Next.