Enter a Shibboleth Entitlement Key

For schools that use shibboleth rostering, course creators must enter a shibboleth entitlement key for each section. You can enter the shibboleth entitlement key either when creating the section or afterward.

If needed, you can enter more than one entitlement key for a section.

  • Create the course section first.
  • Obtain the Shibboleth entitlement key for the section from your school.

To enter a Shibboleth entitlement key when creating a new section:

Enter the entitlement key where indicated when copying or creating a new course section.

To enter a Shibboleth entitlement key for an existing section:

  1. Open the Class Settings page.

    From My Classes, click Edit Class Settings.

  2. Click the Billing and Resources tab.
  3. Click Shibboleth Entitlement.
  4. In the Shibboleth Entitlement window, type the entitlement keys for the section.
  5. Click Save.