Show Granted Extensions

You can list both the manual extensions you have granted to your students and the automatic extensions your students have accepted. You can also change the extension date, submissions, and penalty for a granted extension.

  1. From the menu bar, click Communication.

    If needed, select a class.

  2. Under Extensions, click Answered.

    The list of extension requests shows your student's name, the assignment name, and the date of the initial extension request.

  3. Click the assignment name to view your student's extension requests for the assignment.

    All of your student's extensions and extension requests for the assignment are listed.

    Accepted automatic extensions are labeled as automatic.

    The extension request header includes the following information for the assignment:
    • your student's current score
    • how many responses have been used
    • your student's current due date
    • links to view your student's responses, other activity for the assignment, and the assignment itself
  4. Optional: To change the terms of a listed extension, click New Extension Date, set the extension terms, and click Save.
    The new due date and time for the assignment.
    The total number of allowed submissions for the assignment. See Additional Submissions.
    Change Score
    A positive number — or 0 for no penalty — and the penalty method you want to use with each extension.
    Note The listed Penalty is the points that have already been deducted from the student's assignment score for the assignment.

    See Extension Penalties.

    Important Because % total and points penalties are deducted as soon as a manual or automatic extension is granted, first ask your student to accept or decline a manual extension that imposes these kinds of penalties.