Add Files to Show My Work Grading Comments

When reviewing your students' work, you can add files to your comments to show students how to solve a problem. You can upload files from your computer and remove files that you uploaded.

You can add up to ten files to your comments for each Show My Work response.

To do this Do this
To upload a file:
  1. Click Upload file Upload File.
  2. Navigate to the file you want to upload.
  3. Click Open or Choose, depending on your browser.

The file you uploaded is not available for inclusion in other comments unless you upload it again.

To open a file that you added: Click the file in the Uploaded Files list.
To remove a file from your Show My Work comments:
  1. Click Remove file.
  2. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove the file from your comments.
The file is removed from the Uploaded Files list. It is not deleted from WebAssign.