Sync a Blackboard Roster to WebAssign

You can sync the roster of your BlackboardĀ® course to the linked WebAssign course. This sync is one-way only from Blackboard to WebAssign.

Note Do not change your roster in WebAssign. If you need to make changes to your roster, change the roster in Blackboard and then sync the roster to WebAssign.
  1. Sign in to Blackboard as an instructor.
  2. In Blackboard, click Courses.
  3. Click the Blackboard course name.
  4. Click Control Panel to expand the menu.
  5. Click Course Tools to expand the menu, and then click WebAssign.

    If the WebAssign tool isn't shown, see Show the WebAssign Course Tool.

  6. On the WebAssign Course Tools page, click Export Roster.

The course roster in WebAssign is updated to match the course roster in Blackboard.

Important Blackboard user roles must be mapped to either instructor or student roles in WebAssign. User data is not synced correctly with WebAssign if the Blackboard roles are not correctly mapped. Contact your Blackboard administrator if you suspect this might be a problem.