Trash Assignments

You can trash assignments in WebAssign using the Assignment Editor, if you are the assignment author. Note that if the assignment is scheduled to a class for which you do not have access, you cannot trash the assignment.

When you trash an assignment, students can no longer view it if it is scheduled. Alternatively, you can remove a scheduled assignment from your class; doing so removes it from view by your students and removes the assignment scores from your GradeBook and class score views. See Unschedule Assignments.

  1. Open the assignment in the Assignment Editor.
    • If you know the assignment ID or name: Click binoculars icon Search in the toolbar. Select Assignment and type the assignment ID or name. Click Go.
    • If the assignment is scheduled to one of your classes: Click ClassView and select your class if necessary. Click edit for the assignment that you want to trash.
  2. In the Assignment Editor, click Trash.
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to trash this assignment.
    The assignment is moved to the Trash folder.