Use the Personal Study Plan as a Student

From the Student View, you can use the Personal Study PlanĀ® as if you were a student. This is a good way to review the Personal Study Plan and determine what materials are appropriate for your students.

Note The Personal Study Plan is available for certain textbooks only. If a plan is available, the Personal Study Plan icon Personal Study Plan icon is displayed with the textbook description.
  1. From the Student View, select a course with a Personal Study Plan from the drop-down list.

    The Personal Study Plan panel on your Home page displays the chapters included in the plan.

  2. In the Personal Study Plan panel, click Overview.

    The Personal Study Plan - Overview page displays all the chapters and sections included in the Personal Study Plan, your most recent Personal Study Plan quiz scores, and links to take Personal Study Plan quizzes or view tutorial materials.

    PSP Overview page
  3. Click any Practice Quiz or Chapter Quiz.
    The quiz displays the same as it would for a student.
  4. Answer the questions and click Submit All Answers.
    Your answers are scored and you have the option of retaking the quiz, practicing another version of any question, returning to the Overview page, or taking a tutorial.
  5. Click Tutorial.

    The Personal Study Plan - Tutorial page displays tutorial materials for that specific section or chapter.

  6. Click any Tutorial, then follow the instructions to complete the tutorial as if you were a student.
    This is a good way to understand these study aids for your students.
    PSP Tutorial page
  7. Close the Tutorial window, and then click Overview on the Personal Study Plan - Tutorial page.
    You are returned to the Personal Study Plan - Overview page where you can see the scores for your chapter and practice quizzes.
  8. When you are finished, click Close Student View at the top of the page.