View All Assignment Scores for a Single Student

You can get an impression about how a student is doing in your class by reviewing their assignment scores. You might want to do this before meeting with the student or deciding whether or not to grant an extension for an assignment.

  1. Open the My Classes page.

    Click Classes > My Classes and find the section you want.

  2. Click ScoreView.

    The Scores page displays scores for all current assignments and currently enrolled students in the section.

    Note The page might load slowly if your class has a large number of students or assignments.
  3. Optional: If needed, change the list of displayed students.

    At the top of the student list, select Dropped Students, Current Students, or All Students.

  4. Click the name of the student for whom you want to view scores.

    The Grades Summary page lists the student's assignment scores.

  5. Optional: If needed, change the list of displayed assignments.

    At the top of the table, click Past, Current/Recent, or All.

Tip You can also open the Grades Summary page for a student by searching for the student from the toolbar and then clicking scores in the Student Search results page.
For more information about a specific assignment, you can:
  • Click responses to see your student's answers for the assignment.
  • Click log info to see a log of all the student's activity for an assignment.