View an Assignment as a Student

When you create a course, you can interact with assignments as if you were a student. This is a good way to test an assignment.

If your students must open assignments from a learning management system, you will see the To access this assignment, open it first from your learning management system icon and be unable to open assignments in Student View.
  1. From the Student View, select your course from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the assignment you want to open.

    The assignment opens as your students will see it. For example, if the assignment has learning aids, you will see those aids and can use them just as your students do.

    Example assignment
  3. In the assignment you can do any of the following, just as a student would, depending on the options you made available:
    • Enter an answer and click Submit New Answer.
    • Click Save Work to save your work without grading.
    • Scroll to the end of the assignment and click Submit All New Answers or Save All Work.
    • Click Home, My Assignments, Ask Your Teacher, or Extension Request at the bottom of the page.
    • Resubmit an answer, if multiple submissions are allowed.

    After clicking Submit New Answers to Questions or Submit All New Answers, marks are displayed for questions or question parts.

    Mark Meaning



    Not correct

    a check mark over an x mark

    Partially correct. Often, this means one of two things:

    • The answer is numerically correct, but is specified with an incorrect number of significant digits or decimal places.
    • The answer uses valid units, but is numerically incorrect.
    a calculator with a triangle

    The answer is incorrect because it is based on incorrect values, but the calculation is valid.

    x mark followed by an asterisk

    The answer is not correct, but credit was awarded for a previous submission.

    feedback bubble

    The answer might be correct or incorrect; more feedback is available when you click the mark.

    image of gray check

    The last submitted answer was correct, but the answer has been changed and has not been resubmitted.

    image of gray x

    The last submitted answer was not correct, but the answer has been changed and has not been resubmitted.

  4. When you are finished, click Close Student View at the top of the page.