View Cost Information for a Textbook

You can view the cost to your students for your selected textbook. In some cases, multiple purchase options are available to your students.

Note The online prices listed for textbooks indicate the cost of WebAssign access for your students who purchase access online. These prices do not apply to students who use an access card bundled with a textbook or purchased at the bookstore.

Subscription Cost

Students who subscribe to Cengage Unlimited or Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks have access to all Cengage textbooks at no additional cost.

Included in Subscription Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks Cengage Unlimited

Cengage course materials

Access to MindTap, WebAssign, OpenNow, SAM, CNOWv2, and OWLv2 for all their classes.

No Yes

Full library of Cengage eTextbooks

The eTextbooks for your courses, plus thousands of others they can use as references, paper sources, or to supplement their studies.

Yes Yes

Hard copy textbook rentals

Limited free hard copy rentals for eligible courses (you pay shipping and handling).

Yes Yes

Individual Product Cost

  • If you are browsing the WebAssign textbook collection:
    1. Click a textbook title.
    2. Click Student Pricing.
  • If you are creating a new class:
    1. Find your textbook in the Course Editor page.

    If your textbook displays a range of prices, click the range to display additional information.

  • If you have already created your class:
    1. Open the My Classes page.
    2. Click Edit Class Settings.
    3. Find your textbook under Textbooks & Free Additional Content.

      Prices are not shown for textbooks purchased as part of a textbook bundle. To see the price for the bundle, click a title to open it in the WebAssign textbook collection, then click Student Pricing.

    If your textbook displays a range of prices, click the range to display additional information.

If more than one purchase option exists for your students, each option is listed.

Textbook cost popup

Homework is your students' cost for WebAssign access for your class. In some cases, access to an eBook might be included in this cost.

Homework and eBook is your students' cost if they purchase WebAssign access and optional eBook access at the same time.

eBook Upgrade is your students' cost if they purchase optional eBook access after they have already purchased WebAssign access.