Duplicated Assignment Links in Brightspace

Multiple assignment links are shown in Brightspace® for the same WebAssign assignment. Scores for some WebAssign assignments are not synced to Brightspace.


Importing WebAssign assignments to Brightspace more than once causes duplicate modules, assignment links, and gradebook entries in Brightspace.



  1. Delete the module containing all of your WebAssign assignment links.
    1. Click Content, the click the module name in the Table of Contents.
    2. Beside the module title, click actions > Delete Module.
    3. Select Permanently delete and remove all nested modules, topics, and all associated files and activities from the course and click Delete.
  2. Delete the grade items associated with the WebAssign assignments.
    1. Click Assessments > Grades.
    2. Under Manage Grades, click More Actions > Delete.
    3. Select the grade items to delete and click Delete.

    You don't need to remove the WebAssign tool provider so long as you will still be linking to the same WebAssign course section.

  3. Re-import your assignments from WebAssign to Brightspace.
  4. Ask your students to click each assignment link in Brightspace.

    This is needed to set up score syncing for each assignment.

  5. Rescore your assignments in WebAssign to sync your students' scores to Brightspace.