What's New: February 28, 2019

To request help with LMS integrations, contact your Learning Consultant directly. Other changes include BlackboardĀ® integration improvements and fixes for issues affecting some assignment submissions and scheduled announcement times.

Integrations Assistance

The LMS integrations assistance form has been discontinued. To request help with integrations, contact your Learning Consultant. If needed, you can find your Learning Consultant at cengage.com/repfinder/.

Blackboard Integration

  • LMS Admins no longer specify Blackboard usernames when setting up instructor and student accounts. The BB Username field on a user's profile has been moved from the Edit tab to the LMS Accounts tab.
  • Due to improvements in Blackboard score syncing, it is no longer necessary to click Download for import to Blackboard when downloading scores. This option has been removed.

x/0 Answers

Fixed: Students who saved or submitted fraction answers with 0 as the denominator were locked out of their assignments. Students are now unable to save or submit answers of x/0 and are informed that this response cannot be graded.

Scheduled Announcement Times

Fixed: On the Course Communications page, time entered in 24-hour clock format was incorrectly converted to 12-hour clock format.