Multi-Term Access

Multi-term access, sometimes called "Lifetime of Edition", is access for more than one term to courses using the same textbook edition.

Multi-term access allows you to take a multi-term course like Calculus or to retake a course if needed with no additional charge. When available, multi-term access is usually the most cost-effective way to purchase access for a multi-term course.

  • Multi-term access availability is at the publisher's discretion, and might be a required or optional purchase with WebAssign access.
  • WebAssign access — including multi-term access — cannot be transferred; it is usable only for a single student account.
  • Multi-term access is automatically applied when you sign in to WebAssign with your original student account and go to your new class.
  • No refund or pro-rated cost is available if you purchase multi-term access but only use it for a single term.
  • No refund or pro-rated cost is available to upgrade single-term access to multi-term access.
  • If your instructor changes the textbook edition between terms, you will not have multi-term access for courses using the new edition.
  • When you purchase access online from WebAssign, multi-term access will be clearly listed if it is included in your purchase.
  • Different access codes might be valid for either single-term multi-term access. Multi-term access codes often include either RMY or MTB in the prefix.

If you have problems or questions about multi-term access, contact Customer Support.